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Admissions Process

 Steps to Enrollment

Your child must turn 3 by December 2nd of the current year, or 4 by November 2nd of the current year to be considered for preschool

1. Pick up an Application to Determine Eligibility

Alyce Norman Education Center Office Located at 1200 Anna Street West Sacramento, CA 95605

OR print, fill out, and sign all documents included in the link below: Note: Application will not be excepted unless ALL documents are complete. An Employment Verification Form and/or Training Verification Form must be filled out for each parent/guardian.

Application to Determine Eligibility Packet

2. Bring your completed Application to Determine Eligibility Packet to the Alyce Norman Education Center Office.

3. The secretary will review your Application Packet and determine if you meet qualifications for the program.

4. If you are approved for enrollment you will be given an Enrollment Appointment Packet  and an Enrollment Appointment Date.

5. At your enrollment appointment you must bring ALL documents filled out and signed in the Enrollment Appointment Packet. Click the link below if you need a new copy of a document in the packet.

Enrollment Appointment Packet



FULL-DAY PROGRAMSare offered in the Washington Unified School District and are available to income eligible families in which the adults are employed, full-time and part-time students, participate in vocational job training programs or are actively seeking employment.

 HALF-DAY PROGRAMS are available to income qualified families. Per state guidelines, enrollment priorities are as follows:



The California Department of Education/Child Development Division (CDE/CDD) gives the first priority for enrollment to referred Child Protective Services cases.


Children from families with the lowest, adjusted monthly income are admitted first.


Four-year-old students have priority in the full-day and part-day preschool program.  “Four year olds” are defined as those students who turn four on or before December 2ndof the calendar year.


Children residing in WUSD attendance areas have priority over students living in other attendance areas.  Families residing outside the Washington Unified School District attendance area will be admitted on a space available basis.


The Washington Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender and ethnic group identification, race ancestry, national origin, religion, color and mental or physical disability. We also refrain from religious instruction or worship in all our WUSD Early Childhood Education (ECE) Programs.


The program welcomes and is prepared to serve differently-abled children when the program best meets the needs of the child in the least restrictive environment. It may be necessary, at times, to redirect children to facilities or resources that better meet their individual needs.


All families in the full-day programs will be recertified annually to verify continued eligibility.  It is the responsibility of each family to notify the office of any change in family structure, employment, work hours or income, within 5 calendar days. Failure to comply may result in termination


Note:  The above stated eligibility has been established by the State of California Department of Education/Child Development Division.