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Emergency Policies


If your child is involved in an accident and is injured, the school will attempt to notify the parent(s) immediately. If the parents cannot be reached, appropriate medical treatment will be sought following the information on the emergency card, and continued efforts will be made to reach the parent/guardian. An accident report for both major and minor emergencies will be completed, and you will be given a copy.

Emergency Information

For the protection of a student’s health and welfare, the school district requires up-to-date emergency information on each student. This information includes:

  • up-to-date family address and phone number
  • business address and phone number of parents or guardians
  • names, addresses and phone numbers of relatives and/or friends authorized to care for the student, if the parents or guardians cannot be reached
  • medical provider information (Education Code 49408)

REMEMBER:  It is vital that the emergency information be current at all times; the contacts listed on your emergency card must be available to pickup your child during the operating hours of ALL OUR PROGRAMSEMERGENCY PROCEDURES



Fire drills are conducted regularly. Evacuation plans are posted in all classrooms. Proper order must be maintained during classroom fire/emergency evacuation. There are periodic fire and earthquakes drills each year. All students and parents must evacuate the building. There is a map posted in each of the classrooms. The district has a disaster plan that each site has been instructed to follow. Staff members are trained in CPR and first aid. Specific information regarding emergencies will be shared under separate cover.



The alarm for an earthquake drill will be a constant ring of 60 seconds. In case of an earthquake:


Pupils inside the classroom will remain inside the classroom, away from windows and will take cover under a table. The teacher will take all students outside when s/he feels it is safe to do so.


Pupils outside the school building will remain outside, away from the buildings and playground equipment and will move to the open field with their teacher.


The principal or other staff will direct pupils to the safest areas in hallways or other areas of the building.